Tell Me it Isn't So

The way it is.

Likewise, scheduling a meeting with a local to get some work done can be an exercise in flexibility, with "Monday" often morphing into "Tuesday," then "Wednesday," and so on, until settling on a more relaxed "late in the week" or even the following week. The pace of life in Italy is distinctly its own, embodying a "stress less" workweek philosophy.

And then there's the Italian siesta, known as "riposo." For a few hours in the middle of the day, shops close their doors, allowing Italians to return home, relax, and savor precious time with their families. To Italians, "riposo" means relishing a home-cooked meal and cherishing moments with loved ones. It's worth noting that a genuine Italian lunch is an event in itself, often stretching for 3-4 leisurely hours. What a delightful concept, where time is measured in cherished moments rather than hurried seconds! In Italy, the real treasure lies not in the hustle and bustle of modern life but in the art of savoring life's simple pleasures, where priorities are centered on family, meaningful connections, and moments that matter the most. 

So, while you immerse yourself in Italy's breathtaking culture, landscapes, and history, remember that the best of all experiences is spending quality time with family, relishing long, unhurried meals, and embracing the essence of life itself.